Claude Nouveau for all your wine needs

A few years ago we were travelling through France and doing a bit of wine buying in the Burgundy region (as a Frenchman once said to me, its harder to get a bad Bourgogne than a bad Bordeaux…). We stumbled across Claude Nouveau, proprietaire-recoltant in Marchezeuil who, from his small establishment, helped us to choose some lovely wines to take home. We are still drinking them, and once a year I get a price list from M. Nouveau, informing me of the latest from his vines.

Now others might see this as junk mail but every year it raises a smile, as he personally sends out a letter to me and no doubt many others. I’d love to buy from him again, and if ever I am passing through the region again I will no doubt do so. HIghly recommended, if ever you are in need of a few Santenay/Maranges at reasonable prices, you know where to go.

Update: you can also go here, from the comfort of your own armchair.
Update 2: I’m clearly not the only person to think highly of M. Nouveau’s outputs!

Claude Nouveau for all your wine needs

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