BT and the art of customer service #2

Very efficient – BT’s letter (known on the inside as the “f*** off letter”, so I understand) came today. Interesting use of the term “after a full and thorough investigation”, considering that the next paragraph tells me that I should have been dialing an 0844 04 number, when in fact I should have been dialing an 0808 number. “I can confirm and reiterate all the information you have received previously from my colleagues as being correct,” another interesting one when they told me that BT’s protection mechanisms did exist and they were surprised they were not used.

There’s a number I should “not hesitate to contact”, but every time I’ve called it, I’ve got an answerphone. Left a couple of messages though. There’s also a sentence without a full stop, which irks me 🙂

Enough of that. Today, I’m off to London for an Action Aid do (see link on right), As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be using my tenure, hopefully, to break out of my cushy, throw-money-over-the-wall approach to charity and try to get a handle on what really happens at the coal face. Watch this space.

BT and the art of customer service #2

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