Brighton Marathon

Well I never. In a moment of spring madness, I agreed to join Marillion’s Mark Kelly to run the Brighton Marathon in April. The chosen charity is Water Aid, which has a pretty straightforward remit – access to clean, safe water should be a right, not a privilege. If you feel like sponsoring us pop over to our Justgiving page.

It’s also worth highlighting a Marillion song, the last line is “A tap with clean water”… Full lyrics here (selection below)

And here’s the song.

Common cold. Dirty water. HIV.
Common apathy. Common crime.
Perfect nonsense to the next generation

Have we caught up yet?
Is it time? Well I say it is. I say it is.
Deaf and dumbed-down
Enough is enough

Gimme a smile. Hold out your hand.
I don’t want your money
I don’t want your land
I want you to wake up and do
something strange
I want you to listen
I want you to feel someone else’s pain

A tap with clean water

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Brighton Marathon

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