Brighton marathon – oh my goodness!

Well, well. Today I ran a marathon. Who would have thought it – and like so many things in my life, once again I have discovered just how much is possible if you set your mind to it. I’d love to say that it was a breeze, that it was tough but fair, that it was anything other than what it was – possibly the most physical thing I’ve ever done in my life. But that’s the reality. If childbirth is worse, I’m surprised the human race has survived as long as it has.

So many memories…

– the marvellous sticky toffee pudding the night before – thanks Bola and Chris!
– the hack into Hove to pick up Mark at 7AM
– the serendipitous arrival at the train station, to find a taxi siting there like it had been specially laid on
– the chance meeting of one of Mark’s mates Jake, a total gent who gave me my own personal tour of the sights for the first 15 miles
– the genuine pleasure of running on a beautiful day until about mile 17
– the delight at seeing Liz and Mum along the way
– the uneasy feeling that all those small pains were joining into one big pain
– the absolute agony of the final 8 miles, and my gratefulness to all those who called out the name I had printed on my shirt
– the complete inability to climb the steps back up to the front, after the finish
– the taxi, shower, tea and cake

As for times, Mark came in at 4.19, and me at 4.45. It’ll do – while I was hoping for a better time, I had underestimated how much pleasure I would get from just finishing.

Above all, the whole thing raised £3,000 for Water Aid, which is just fantastic. Thanks so much to all who contributed, friends, work colleagues, Marillion fans, you kept me going on more than one occasion. Thanks (really) to Mark for the whole idea, and the biggest thanks to Liz for all her help and support, not to mention driving home two folks who probably should have known better!


Brighton marathon – oh my goodness!

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