Blatantly looking for sponsorship

For anyone who might be interested (and for those who aren’t 🙂 ) I’m running a half marathon on October 12th. Its not my first – I did that a couple of months ago, baulking at the idea of sponsorship in case I didn’t finish. Which I did. So, this one is the Royal Parks Run in London. I’ve decided to run for UNICEF, what a fine bunch of people, and I quote, “working for children and their rights.” I would very much appreciate any sponsorship, as of course would they – I want to raise a thousand quid so the way I see it, that’s only 200 kindly souls donating a fiver. How hard can that be?

So, if you do feel like splashing out five pounds (but of course , don’t feel limited by that!), you can donate here. Thanks for all your support, and for reading!

Blatantly looking for sponsorship

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