Rush Addendum

Page 256 – Justin, not Adrian Zivojinovich is Alex and Charlene’s first son

Some additions, second time of posting… thanks IE7, will keep it short this time.

1. I may have been duped about Geddy’s son in the video. Will remove.

2. Thanks for the emailed grammar comments. Will fix.

7 thoughts on “Rush Addendum

  1. Nick says:

    Enjoying the book so far but noticed page 33 a repeat of phrase “working man offers a grunge-filled climax, simple and highly effective, a call to arms” in the following paragraph it had already been written in.

  2. You’re no authority and certainly not a good storyteller. Had Terry Brown and the other producers spoken to you, this book would not have anything fans would care to read. Many important Rush personnel wouldn’t talk to you (i.e. Skip Gildersleeve). As expected from you, much space is devoted to your ridiculous descriptions of sounds in songs like that “Working Man” one. Your juvenile idolatry shows. Keeping chums with internet fans was a nice ploy. You can fool some of the people some of the time…

    Comment from Jon: Well, you can’t please all of the people all of the time! As an aside, I’ve left this comment in as I posted it already, but as it came without a valid email address I shoudl have treated it as Spam and deleted it. Criticism is fine but trolling is not, so I shall be deleting any comments that come without a valid sender in the future.

  3. Jon says:

    Feedback from rushmessageboard…

    From Power Windows:
    I notice a possible boo-boo. Remember the “Got Milk” photo of Rush? I believe that was a joke done by someone on the NMS. But it made its way into the book!

    The text “ which links to a number of fan sites, not the least the Counterparts website” was of course supposed to be the Power Windows website

    From Rushgirl:
    I have to let Jon know as well, that on page 23, the picture says “The line-up with Lindy Young” – that is NOT Lindy Young, that is Mitch Bossi.

    Lindy has the only picture ever taken of them, and it has never been published or seen by the public.

  4. Alexj says:

    P42 ‘Write By Night’

    “The date is 16th August 1974….venue is Civic Arena, Pittsburg..”

    Peart’s first gig was 14th August 1974. You got it right on p43. They were at Cincinnati on 16/8/1974.

  5. patti says:

    Fun read…thanks, jonno!!

    My notes…

    “The Body Electric is more probably connected with the Ray Bradbury story and the episode of The Twilight Zone of the same name than Ayn Rand.. (p 112)

    P. 123 has Andrew MacNaughtan along as entertainment director for the PoW tour…but p. 141 has him as a firt-timer on the Presto tour…

    And p 253 has a reference to a mysterious “Getty”!!!! I almost spit my tea all over the book on that one!!! 🙂

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