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Stop Press: the update to Separated Out has just gone to press. Published by Foruli Classics, Separated Out – Redux is an extensively rewritten new edition bringing the band’s story up to date. More information here – will update fully soon!



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“And 20 years into their career, Marillion are in pretty good shape. Their 1994 album Brave is prog-rock’s finest moment.”

From Marillion’s current line-up with Steve Hogarth right back to its first players, Marillion have fashioned a career as an original, accomplished and enduring rock band.

Originally fronted by the charismatic singer Fish, with 1983’s Script for A Jester’s Tear Marillion ushered in a post-punk progressive rock renaissance. Starting with early pub gigs and regular spots at Aylesbury Friars, through the pioneering days of “Market Square Heroes”, to the chart topping “Kayleigh”-era and on to the Steve Hogarth incarnation in 1989, Marillion have continued to make groundbreaking and innovative music and retain a furiously loyal and dedicated following, who have even gone so far as to directly bankroll a US tour and the making of an entire album.

Separated Out is not only the most extensively researched, comprehensive and factual history of the band since their earliest days. It also captures, as a series of anecdotes and memories, what Marillion continues to stand for in the hearts and minds of its fans and supporters: the tens of thousands of people who know, despite what others may think, that they are a part of something greater than just a band and its music.

Separated Out is currently out of print. A microsite for the book is here, and you can order it used from here.

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  1. John H says:

    Hi there,
    For your interest: a very early member of Silmarillion- Neil Cockle- now plays keyboards in a band called Bard, who are great!
    Look them up on these websites for info, tour dates and music samples:
    Cheers, and keep up the good work!
    John H

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