Mike Oldfield’s Changeling


This is not actually my book – it’s Mike’s, I just helped him write it. You can pre-order it from Amazon in the UK (and presumably, at some point in the future, from the US and elsewhere).

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Without going into detail, I found Mike to be a highly articulate, funny and spiritual guy. Mostly he would talk and I would listen and prompt occasionally, going back over specific events as necessary. All will come clear when you see the book, I am sure!

    All the best, Jon

  2. Enkeli says:

    How possible would it be to purchase Mike’s book the Changling? You see i have a friend who is a major Mike fan and collector of everything he can get his hands on that Mike has done. He introduced me to Mikes music and made a fan out of me too. As a gift for him on our 5 year anniversary I would love to be able to give him an autographed copy of Changling… is there anyway you could please arrange this for me or let me know how I can get this done? please, please, please

  3. Nic says:


    Mike Oldfield?s Tubular Bells was the first piece of ?serious? music I got into as a teenager, setting me on a musical journey which has enriched my life for the past 30 years or so. It has led via Rush, with Alex Lifeson?s guitar style massively influencing and inspiring my own?so after enjoying Chemistry so much I was hugely disappointed by Changeling. Now, I recognise that you did not write this, so any criticism is really for Mike (which seems churlish after having enjoyed his music so much and now having read of his troubled life).

    My disappointment was twofold ? firstly in the writing style. Of course I appreciate that Mike?s eloquence is expressed via his music, not his words?but the na?ve style, indeed banality of some of the writing made this a considerably less interesting read than it should have been. Secondly, as a musician, and as someone who grew up fascinated by the whole recording process and Mike?s sound-on-sound style, I was hoping for a lot more detail on how the albums were made (like, for example, the album by album description in Chemistry), in particular for Ommadawn and Incantations, which I feel are Mike?s defining works. An opportunity missed I feel?


  4. Nic says:

    Indeed, hence my comment that”I recognise that you did not write this”…my aim was to record my disappointment (such that others might also comment) but also to invite your comments, as you helped Mike with the book, if perhaps only to listen and record (I guess one of my questions would be why you didn’t lead him down some of the paths in my first comment).


  5. George says:

    I am in agreement with Nic and his comment/suggestions. The real purpose or reason anyone knows Mike Oldfield is his music. More information about album preparation, success and failures according to Mike would have been stellar. I believe that by really digging into the history of his albums, he may have experienced some true excitement in revealing knowledge that his fans would love to hear. Was this ever discussed in your meetings? Did he think it would be boring? Were you ever a fan of his music?

  6. I think there is a big difference between a biography written for the fans, and an autobiography, which is written for a much wider audience. While such detail might be important for fans, it might be considered turgid and repetitive for non-fans that still want to know more about (to coin a phrase) a man and his music.

  7. Nicolas says:

    Hi Jon, bonjour,
    Given the fame Mike Oldfield has in Spain and Germany, I’d like to know if there’s any project of translation of Changeling into spanish, german… or french although I doubt there’s any chances for a french version of it.
    Anyway I enjoyed the book and hope to learn more about the way you worked on it.

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