Big Big Train, Kings Place 15 August 2015

Big Big Train, the band with the dumb name, playing nostalgia-laden music, seemingly derived from some forgotten glory years.


Big Big Train, a symbol of determination, of uncompromising musicianship, of continuity.

A decades-old band which has stuck to its guns and aspirations, with paltry obvious reward.

An international collective of musicians, brought together by fate, the Internet their studio.

A spark, fanned to a flame, air drawn through tightly formed forums and online communities.

A reluctance to perform, not through lack of talent but the financial risk of delivering without compromise.

A spotlight shining from a benign corner of the media, whispering encouragement.

A venue found, a weekend fixed. Arrangements made, rehearsals undertaken.

Big Big Train, live on stage, once, twice, three times a masterclass in musical prowess, a lesson in humility.

And a reminder.

Fame and fortune glint like diamonds in the depths, tantalisingly beyond reach, but for a few.

For others the journey is longer but its rewards timeless, new strands weaving into our shared history.

Last night’s gig was a quiet triumph. Uncle Jack would be proud.

Big Big Train, Kings Place 15 August 2015

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