Avecho – what did I miss?

Go away for a month or so, and all sorts of things get missed. Like Avecho, the antivirus company that refused to tell anybody how its technology worked. I did a brief bit of consulting for them a few years ago, which was all a bit tricky as they wouldn’t tell me either. “Its so easy, if we tell people, they’ll all do it” they said – so I was left none the wiser.

Of course, it left my mind racing. I ended up with my own theories as to how it worked, which now have largely been superseded by the availability of “sandbox” protection mechanisms.

Anyway, the company went into administration in December, and was almost immediately bought by another company, Stylish Ltd who I have never heard of. Even more secrecy, all very interesting. I had a quick browse round the Web and found the following post by a disgruntled employee, but once again, I find myself none the wiser.

Still, at the time it was nice to see Essex.

Avecho – what did I miss?

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