Another one bites the dust – Roadrunner Records

And once again, a bijou record label that has been developed from the ground up through hard work and dedication, and which then sees the next logical step as accepting the advances of a larger, more powerful and seemingly equally dedicated organisation. Perhaps indeed, the initial intentions are sound, and new artists join the fold in the knowledge they’re getting the best of both worlds.

But then comes the reality – that despite an upturn in fortunes, business is tougher than expected, there’s an economic downturn don’t you know. The finance people juggle the figures, which senior management are forced to acknowledge mean tough decisions. Which are taken, to the detriment of both staff and artists large and small.

Farewell, Roadrunner Records.

Addendum – here’s the final section of Cees Wessels, RoadRunner CEO’s original statement:

“…We can take Roadrunner to the next level by focusing our resources on marketing our existing line-up of acclaimed artists as well as discovering the stars of tomorrow.”

Another one bites the dust – Roadrunner Records

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