Analysts and alcopops

Its nearly the weekend. Last week, Duncan Chapple wrote a piece on analysts and wine. I said in the comments that I think he missed a few beverages, and I’ve added a few more here:
– real ale – a little nutty but better than the ordinary
– lager – bland, but reliable
– cheap whisky – best watered down
– port – you’d think it would improve with age but it doesn’t
– good brandy – aging, but well formed and consistent
– vimto – sickly sweet but strangely endearing
– guinness – impenetrable
– caffeine free diet cola – so much taken out you wonder why its there at all
– alcopops – seems good at first but leads to confusion later
– “new” coke – invention beyond the call of necessity
– vodka – don’t notice its there but makes a big difference

Any more?

Analysts and alcopops

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