An Origami mobile phone / smartphone stand

Ever been stuck, miles from a gadget shop and needing to prop up your smartphone to watch a video or do some typing? Well, worry no longer – for here is the solution you have been waiting for – you can simply make one in a matter of minutes, no tools, no fuss. Read on to find out how.

Start with a piece of paper – in this case A4, straight from the printer tray.

Fold the paper across…

Then, fold the remainder backwards to make a triangle.

You can then cut/tear off the excess to make the square you need.

Now the real fun begins. Fold both corners into the line to make a kite shape.

Then fold one end over to make a triangle.

Fold both corners in and the triangle down. Note you will have to open the corners out again for the next stage – it’s just to get the creases!

 Now’s the only, slightly tricky bit. Crease from the point downwards by folding each side in – then crease from the bottom cornes as well. You should end up with what’s shown in the picture.  

Fold the corners back in now you know where the creases go, as shown.

Now fold the top corner down about an inch. Ready for teh next, even more slightly tricky bit?

First fold the top over to make what looks like an elephant. Well, a little.

Then, take the “trunk” and tuck it into the neck. make sure the end fits firmly as far as it can go. This is important.

Fold the whole thing flat…

Then, turn over and flatten.

We’re nearly done! Fold the lower edge (with the fingers) up about a centimetre width. You’ll notice that it’s quite hard to fold in the middle because of the end of the “trunk” but this is what gives the whole thing strength.
Then fold about a quarter of that up.
 Pull the back out a bit and you’re about done – here’s the finished article!

That’s it – happy watching/typing!

An Origami mobile phone / smartphone stand

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