A new dawn, a new day…

… and a very happy New Year!

I hate to scare anybody but, believe it or not its already the 12th of January. That’s more than a third of the way through the first of twelve months, is it any wonder that Christmas comes around so fast. A bit like builders who have unexpected complications when they’re half way through a job (i.e. all of them), we’re all a bit in denial when it comes to the passage of time.

All the better reason to pack it all in, that’s the plan anyway. And so it is that I have left that kindly bunch of fellows (male and female) at Quocirca, and I am taking a month or so off to write another book. I expect to be back on the analyst circuit before anyone notices I was gone – I’m already missing the company! For more information on what is an industry analyst, watch this space.

Meanwhile, the Rush book is doing well. It appears to have been generally quite well received – 8/10 in the latest (February) edition of Classic Rock for example, and there’s a couple of good reviews on Amazon UK. We managed to catch the next print run to fix any typos and clangers, so thanks to anyone who submitted them. Following being held up by customs the book still doesn’t seem to be available in the US, but the distributor has assured the publisher (who has assured me) that it should be released any day now. I was also told that most copies have been snapped up by Amazon, so it’s unlikely to appear in any retail outlet any time soon! Meanwhile, as you know you can always order from me, please specify if you want it signed. I decided not to put the postage prices up in the end, I’d rather take the hit than make it prohibitive.

There’s plenty of other things going on, all of which will unfold in good time. For the moment, I can say “… and I’m feeling good” – no doubt this year will have its ups and downs, but that’s only to be expected! Good luck in all your endeavours, and may our paths cross frequently.


A new dawn, a new day…

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  1. And a happy new year to you too Jon! Enjoy the freedom (is that the right word?) – and what I guess must be a huge reduction in email! We’re always open for coffee if you’re passing by on the M4.

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