A bit of whimsy – Beyond the Seaweed Farm

You can only imagine my surprise when… OK, that’s a lie. Here’s a little something I was writing last summer, based on the few snippets suggested by the liner notes to what was to become Porcupine Tree’s earliest releases Tarquin’s Seaweed Farm and The Nostalgia Factory.

It’s also given me the opportunity to have a first foray into e-books. This one is in ePub format.

If you missed the link, here’s Beyond the Seaweed Farm.

The full http is http://www.joncollins.net/wordpress/wp-content/BTSF.epub

And you can also read it online here.


The cover is William Hogarth’s The Cockpit. It seemed appropriate.

A bit of whimsy – Beyond the Seaweed Farm

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